Doyen, Professionals, Professors, PhD students: Gain insight by creating etudes and begin teaching and interacting. They can be short term, location based, interest or subject based etudes. Use data analysis to tailor short, exciting bits of knowledge to learners in your city or a country you are visiting.

Create a tuition for your ├ętude.

About Us

Trade is the platform for academic experts and learners to connect in distinct and beautiful civic locations in your city.

Around interests. Live.

Real Learning. Real Time. Real City.


Learn efficiently in your city, or on your travels on your time and according to your interests. Gain exposure to relevant, high level learning when the interest arises.

Trade easily fits into your schedule. Join lessons with friends, gain insight.

All I do is teach these days and I have never learned more, faster.

Jeff Gothelf

I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein

Information is the currency of democracy


Begin to Teach. Begin to Learn.